Self-practising Meditators
Sorntawee Meditation Center is able to provide self-practising meditators with two meals a day – breakfast at 6.45 and lunch around 10.00 a.m. The food container shall be placed in front of your kuti during these hours. When finishing the meal, please kindly return the container where you find it for our staff to collect and clean. We advise you put water in a bowl to accommodate the food container to keep ants away.


For Group / Course
The Center has a dining hall for big group of people joining a course. We have available trays, bowls, spoons and forks, cookery and kitchen ware. Course organizers can commission their own chef to cook. Otherwise, the Center can help find a chef and kitchen crew.

If you wish to use our facility to organize a group course, please contact our office for more details.

Drinking Water
The Center has a safe drinking water filter system. Please bring your own flask/container to fill at the drinking water dispensers at the Dhamma Hall.


The Center provides on loan beddings that include a mattress, pillow sheets, a pillow case and blanket.


Essential Medicine
At the Dhamma Hall, near the Office, there is a medicine cabinet stocked with a range of basic essential medicine for minor ailments, thanks to our generous donors. Meditators can access and use them as necessary. If you cannot find what you need in the Cabinet, you can request the Office to arrange to purchase for you.

If you are on regular prescription medication, please make sure that you bring enough supply.