Meditators’ Qualification and Code of Conduct

  • Of sound physical and mental health. No disease or illness that obstruct the practice
  • Non smoker, nor user of any addictive substance.
  • Can comply fully and strictly with the rules and regulations.

Those who cannot comply with the rules and regulations must leave without dispute

upon notification from the Center staff.


Rules and Regulations for those wishing to practice at Sorntawee Meditation Center

  • Contact the Center in advance to confirm availability of kuti.
  • We do not accept walk-in visitors as we are not operating free bed and breakfast for non-meditators. 
  • When contacting for accommodation, please provide your ID card for our documentation purpose.
  • Kindly complete the Registration Form.
  • Meditators must consent to full compliance of Rules and Regulations of the Center.
  • Duration of stay: you are allowed to stay up to 1 month outside of the Rains Retreat months. During the Rains Retreat (Vasa) meditators are allowed to stay up to 3 months.
  • Self-practice meditators may practice in their kutis or at the Dhamma Hall (only when there are no courses ongoing.)
  • Refrain from unnecessary speech, or making noises that may disturb the peace and quiet of others.
  • Women should not enter into the Monks and Laymen quarters. Likely men should not enter into the women’s quarters. If absolutely necessary, one should be accompanied by one other person.
  • If you must go outside the Center, or if you have visitors, please inform our staff in advance.
  • Before departure, please clean your kuti by removing rubbish, switch off and close water tabs and window screens. Please return the key and beddings to our staff before you leave.
  • Donation: You can donate cash in support of food, water, electricity and upkeep of the Center at the Office during our Office Hour (08.30-16.30)


Preparing your gear:

  • You should prepare comfortable clothing. No body-hugging or sleeveless tops, nor shorts. Preferably, men should wear white trousers and white shirts. Women should wear plain white tops, ankle-length sarongs, trousers or skirts.
  • Prepare things for your own personal needs such as underwear, night shirts, towel, soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving kit, comb,  detergent, dishwashing liquid, alarm clock, tissue papers, rubbish bags, etc.
  • Your personal medication. Prepare also for contingency needs because we are located a good drive away from pharmacy downtown. Our medication cabinet stocks only certain basic essential medicines.
  • Your own supply of evening juice.
  • Our office has a small stock of basic items for sale. If you practice during an extended period of time, you can request our staff to buy essential items for you.