Sorntawee Meditation Center was founded in 1986 by Mr. Sorn Ketkakomol, Chief Education Officer of Bangkla District, Chachoengsao province. The name “Sorntawee” is in honour of two co-founders –Mr. Son and Bhikkhu Tawee Bhaladhammo. Mr. Sorn donated the plot of land, Nun Liam Faites, donated the funding for construction labour, and Eung Yong Leng Corporation, donated construction materials. In addition, other donors joined the meritorious undertaking in funding the construction of 100 en-suite kutis to accommodate meditators. Meditators wishing to practice on their own or join any of the courses here must book in advance with either the Centre of course organisers.

As meditation practice gained momentum in Thailand, the Center received donation to acquire an addition plot of land. (19 rais) With the expansion, Bhikkhu Tawee Bhaladhammo formally registered the “Tawee Bhalangdham Foundation” on 29 June 1986, chaired by the Venerable himself. In 1990, the main Dhamma Hall project began. At 32 x 71 meters, 3 stories high, the Dhamma Hall was designed to house 400 people, and with 30 kutis upstairs. Completing the Dhamma Hall project required a substantial budget of over 22 million baht. Mr. Vichian Pholcharoen played an instrumental role in mobilizing donation to finance it. Under the supervision of Venerable Bhaladhammo, the Dhamma Hall was completed and inaugurated for the first meditation course on 28 November 1993. Sorntawee Meditation Center with its conducive facilities aims to serve the following purposes:

  • Pariyatti study
  • Vipassana meditation instruction and practices
  • To serve as facility to train purification of conduct and mind for students and the general public.
  • For lay people seeking conducive environment to practice

Venerable Tawee Bhaladhammo died on 4 June 1996.