Biography of Thamanaykyaw Sayadaw

Thamanaykyaw is a pen name of Sayādaw Ashin DhammikālaṅkārābhivaṃsaSayādaw was born on 28 July 1956. He became a novice at the age of 11 and received full ordination at the age of 20 under the tutelage of the well-known Mahāgandhāyon Sayādaw Ashin Janakābhivaṃsa who was also his preceptor. He has received the well-respected Tharmanaykyaw degree (Alaṃkāra), Dhammācariya degree and Sakyasiha Abhivaṃsa degree. He first started practicing vipassanā meditation as novice at Mahāsi meditation center in Mandalay. Later on, he repeated his intensive retreat twice in 1976, when he received full ordination as a monk and in 1983 at the main Mahāsi meditation center in Yangon where he stayed on there to assist the well-known former center principal master, Paṇḍitarāma Sayādaw U Paṇḍita for 8 years. When Paṇḍitarāma Sayādaw U Paṇḍita moved to found his new center, he accompanied Sayādawgyī to establish the Paṇḍitārāma Meditation Centre since its founding day in 1990. For 15 years at Paṇḍitārāma Meditation Centre, he served as a teacher giving Vipassanā meditation guidance to foreign meditators, teaching Pali to local and foreign monks, novices and nuns and has written extensively on Buddha Dhamma books and articles in many dhamma magazines.


Since 2006 he has been residing at Thamanaykyaw Mahāgandhāyon Monastery, Mawbi in the suburb of Yangon, Myanmar. He gives instructions to vipassanā yogis, teaches Pāli to monks, novices, nuns and children, and works actively for the preservation and propagation of the Buddhasāsana. He has written more than 100 books to date, and has been invited to conduct meditation retreats in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, and United States.


In 2018, the government of Myanmar awarded him the title “Aggamahāganthavācakapaṇḍita” (Foremost Learned Teacher of Dhamma), the highest title given to those who are competent to teach Pariyatti Dhammas.